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HOMMAGE is a brand for men who know that diligent research, exploration and fine tuning bring convincible results. A brand where men can be assured the design of the brand’s products are well thought out by people who know what they are doing, who listen and learn from their clients. The end result? Products that, over time with practice, improve in quality.

For over a decade, HOMMAGE has gone to great lengths to design products and a unique experience for men who have high standards for their personal grooming regimen.

Our work in discovering the best the world has to offer, to get it right for you, has resulted in leading-edge

pharmaceutical grade skincare products for shave, face and body from Japan (Rohto); razor blades from the best surgical steel manufacturer in the world Feather; ergonomically designed and engineered grooming equipment from Germany Wolfgang Joensonnand the adored HOMMAGE Signature "Monaco" scent—a subtle combination of tobacco, sandalwood and amber from Grasse, France

Last, the know-how and best practices gained from actively listening closely to our male clientele and at our exclusive partner locations worldwide. 

This is what it takes to set the standard in men’s grooming


Atelier [a-tel-ē-ā]

French for a workshop of an artist or designer. Originally stems from the Latin word astele meaning shavings from a spear. The HOMMAGE Atelier is a bespoke enclave where men can prime, network and unwind in catered comfort with like-minded cognoscenti.


Monaco scent inspired by Grasse

Fabricating fragrance since the end of the 18th century, Grasse is found on the French Riviera and considered the world's capital of perfume. The french location inspired the HOMMAGE Signature Monaco scent; a subtle combination of tobacco, Saddle wood and amber - as well as many natural essential oils including Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon, Coriander, Lavender, Star Anise, Peppermint, Cedar wood, Patchouli, and Tonka oil.

Leading edge skin technology from Japan

HOMMAGE skincare products are created by ROHTO Pharmaceutical. Rohto is one of the most respected Pharmaceutical Japanese companies in the world (in business for 115 years), providing patented dermatologic and scientific advances for restoring damaged cells due to shaving, and focusing on anti-inflammation, skin rejuvination and improved appearance.

Superior German Design

HOMMAGE grooming Accoutrements, skin care packaging and future HOMMAGE products all designed by Wolfgang Joennson, renowned European designer and HOMMAGE Chief Design Officer.
Many of Wolfgang's designs have won previous awards, highlighted in the international press, and are featured in European museums, including the Germany Modern Art Museum in Munich.


HOMMAGE has over 10 years in the business,
pioneering innovation in men’s grooming. 


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Quality Excellence & Customer Satisfaction

HOMMAGE has high quality standards and strict policies to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.  

Industry Innovation

“Give the people what they want, before they know they want it”.
David Belasco, playwriter, director and theatrical producer. 
Bringing new innovation to the men’s grooming market is a key success metric for us at HOMMAGE. For more then 10 years, we have gone to great lengths to bring first-to-market innovation in areas such as product formulations, ingredients, materials and ergonomic design. By working with the top industry experts from around the world and listening to our customers, we stay in front of the market.
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Quality Excellence & Customer Satisfaction

HOMMAGE has high quality standards
and strict policies to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.
Our personal concierge team is here to explain the use of each of our products,
and all of our clients and members are guaranteed a new product if for
any reason there is a product defect issue upon receipt.

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